Requests performances monitoring

How to measure any section of code, and configure RoRvsWild to ignore some requests.

Measure any section of code

RorVsWild measures a lot of events such as SQL queries. But it might not be enough for you. There is a solution to measure any section of code to help you find the most hidden bottlenecks.

# Measure a code given as a string

# Measure a code given as a block
RorVsWild.measure { bubble_sort(array) }

# Measure a code given as a block with an optional description
RorVsWild.measure("Optional description") { bubble_sort(array) }

For each custom measure, a section is added with the file name and line number where it has been called.


Ignore some code

Sometimes, you just don’t want to know. Edit the configuration file to skip the monitoring of parts of your code. You can also use an initializer.

# config/rorvswild.yml
  api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
      - SecretController#index
      # All supported plugins:
      - ActionController
      - ActionMailer
      - ActionView
      - ActiveRecord
      - Elasticsearch
      - Mongo
      - NetHttp
      - Redis

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