The one-person framework monitoring tool

Wasting time on a monitoring tool is a luxury small teams can’t afford.

DHH at Rails World

At RailsWorld, DHH named Rails the one-person-framework. Ruby on Rails makes you super productive. It makes it easy to build complex web applications alone or with a small team. Part-stack devs become full-stack.

But when you deliver code at the speed of thought, you don’t always measure all the consequences. People will use your app in ways you didn’t expect. You don’t want to disappoint them. Slow and unreliable websites lose customers. You have to understand what is going on in your application when it’s in the real world. You need to monitor your application.

Popular monitoring tools like Datadog and Newrelic are powerful and very complicated. They support all the languages. They have thousands of employees. They are listed on the stock market and have shareholders to please. They target big enterprises. They are more than expensive.

When your team is small, you may not have dedicated performance experts to harness their power. You don’t want to spend days configuring a monitoring tool. You don’t want to spend hours every day scouring dozens of screens, trying to understand a performance issue or a bug. You don’t have the time for this. You don’t want to sacrifice your happiness and productivity. Moreover, you may not want to sell your kidney to pay the extravagant bills.

RoRvsWild is the one-person framework monitoring tool, built in Rails by a team of two, for Rails only.
It is for small teams like us, where developers need to understand the impact of their code, where they have to fix issues themselves and ensure their requests are performant enough.
It is easy to get started with. You only need to install a gem and deploy it. You can configure it to ignore parts of your code, but it works out of the box.
It is simple. It certainly doesn’t show you as much as Datadog. It shows you enough, and everybody can tell where your application is spending time. Everybody can find the slow lines in the code in no time.
It notifies you when something goes wrong and doesn’t require you to use it for hours daily.
You get more time to fix what matters and make sure your app runs smoothly.
You get more time to code and do the things you love.
You eventually get more time to do that damn marketing you always postpone ;-)
RoRvsWild respects your time and your wallet. It is by far the most affordable tool on the market.

Alexis & Antoine

RorVsWild monitors your Ruby on Rails applications.

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