Ruby error tracking gem

Exceptions monitoring
for Rails applications

RoRvsWild catches errors in your Ruby on Rails applications' requests, background jobs and Javascript and provides details to fix them.

      # Add to your Gemfile
      gem "rorvswild"
    Gem version 1.8.0
RoRvsWild errors

Instant notifications

Don't wait for support tickets to learn about problems. Get your team alerted as soon as a new kind of exception is triggered.

By email

Exception notifications and weekly report by email.


Exception notifications in your team's Slack or Teams channel.


Notifications sent on the 1st, 10th, 100th... occurence.

Mark as fixed

Errors like todo list items. Notifications reset.

Detailed report

Go beyond “it doesn't work”, and find all the details you need to understand issues.

RoRvsWild Ruby error details



Origin url

Error message




Environment variables

Fine-tuned monitoring

Custom exceptions, ignored exceptions, your call.

Not just Ruby, JavaScript too

Add the RoRvsWild JavaScript agent in your HTML, and start tracking your frontend JS errors.

      <script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">RorVsWild.start({apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY"})

Ruby on Rails
monitoring gem

Start improving your Rails apps today!

        # Add to your Gemfile
        gem "rorvswild"
      Gem version 1.8.0
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