All-in-one monitoring for Ruby on Rails applications.

Track performances & errors for requests & background jobs.

Pinpoint bottlenecks.

Speed is more than a feature, it's a requirement. Capture the average, 95th percentile response time, and throughput for all your requests. Find out where to focus your optimizations on, and the line in your code causing the slowing down.


Watch background jobs.

Don't waste time tailing log files. Supervise Delayed::Job, Resque, Sidekiq and cron jobs. Have knowledge of the average runtime per kind of job, CPU and error rate. As for requests, get detailed insights about the slowest SQL queries.


Track errors.

Discover issues before your customers do. Be notified by email or in your favorite Slack channel whenever a new kind of exception happens. Get the frequency, backtrace and all the information you need to eradicate bugs in your app.


Take good care of any Rails app.

No matter where and how it's hosted.

Only pay for the monitoring you use

You will be billed monthly based on the number of requests and jobs processed.

30 days retention.
30 seconds to set-up.
Unlimited applications.
Unlimited collaborators.