Rails apps under control

Slow and unreliable websites lose customers. RoRvsWild is the easiest way to optimize the performances of your Ruby on Rails apps.

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All-in-one gem

Performances & errors monitoring


Measure the response time and throughput for all your requests. Find out where to focus your optimizations on, and the line in your code causing the slowing down.

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Background Jobs

Supervise ActiveJob, Delayed::Job, Resque, Sidekiq and cron jobs. As for requests, benchmark the slowest SQL queries and their impact on your servers.

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Be notified by email or in Slack whenever a new kind of exception happens. Get all the information you need to eradicate the most critical bugs in your app.

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All your Rails apps

3 minutes to set up

Unlimited apps

Health check all your apps and environements from a single dashboard.

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Unlimited developers

Manage invites and alerts per app. Get your team up-to-speed.

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Any Rails hosting

RoRvsWild supports Heroku, Scalingo, and all other Ruby hosting.


Any Data store

RoRvsWild supports Redis, MongoDB, and all SQL databases.


Simple and affordable

14-day free trial


Monthly billing based on
all your apps' consumption.

  • upto100Krequests+jobs

  • upto5Mrequests+jobs

  • extra +1M requests+jobs

  • 30-day data retention
  • Unlimited Rails apps
  • Unlimited developers

Personalized quote over 100 million requests+jobs.
Consumption estimate during the free trial.

Competitive pricing

5M requests+jobs/month → 39€
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