Options to finetune RoRvsWild to your needs

Ignore requests, jobs, exceptions and plugins

From the configuration file config/rorvswild.yml, you can tell RorVsWild to skip monitoring some requests, jobs, exceptions and plugins.

# config/rorvswild.yml
  api_key: API_KEY
    - HeartbeatController#show
    - !ruby/regexp /SecretController/ # Ignore the entire controller
    - SecretJob
    - !ruby/regexp /Secret::/ # Ignore the entire Secret namespace
    - ActionController::RoutingError  # Ignore by default any 404
    - ZeroDivisionError
    - !ruby/regexp /Secret::/ # Ignore all secret errors
    - Sidekiq # If you don't want to monitor your Sidekiq jobs

Here is the equivalent if you prefer initialising RorVsWild manually.

# config/initializers/rorvswild.rb
  api_key: "API_KEY",
  ignore_requests: ["ApplicationController#heartbeat", /SecretController/],
  ignore_jobs: ["SecretJob", /Secret::/],
  ignore_exceptions: ["ActionController::RoutingError", "ZeroDivisionError", /Secret::/],
  ignore_plugins: ["Sidekiq"])

Plugins you can ignore:

  • ActionController
  • ActionMailer
  • ActionView
  • ActiveJob
  • ActiveRecord
  • DelayedJob
  • Elasticsearch
  • Mongo
  • NetHttp
  • Redis
  • Resque
  • Sidekiq

Change logger

By default RoRvsWild uses Rails.logger or standard output. However in some cases you want to isolate RoRvsWild’s logs. To do that, you have to specifiy the log destination via the logger option:

# config/rorvswild.yml
  api_key: API_KEY
  logger: log/rorvswild.yml

Here is the equivalent if you prefer initialising RoRvsWild manually:

# config/initializers/rorvswild.rb
RorVsWild.start(api_key: "API_KEY", logger: "log/rorvswild.log")

In the case you want a custom logger such as Syslog, you can only do it by initialising it manually:

# config/initializers/rorvswild.rb
RorVsWild.start(api_key: "API_KEY", logger:

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