Jobs performances monitoring

How to manually add or ignore jobs.

Jobs are treated as the requests in the same familiar interface.

RorVsWild automatically monitors:

  • Delayed::Job
  • Resque
  • Sidekiq
  • Faktory
  • Any library which follows Active::Job

For Resque, your job must inherit Resque::Job to be tracked.

Measure any Ruby code

RorVsWild measures a lot of events such as SQL queries and HTTP requests. But it might not be enough for you. There is a solution to measure any section of code to help you find the most hidden bottlenecks:

# Measure a code given as a string

# Measure a code given as a block
RorVsWild.measure { bubble_sort(array) }

# Measure a code given as a block with an optional description
RorVsWild.measure("Optional description") { bubble_sort(array) }

It’s also possible to monitor code even if it’s not inside a job or a request. For example, you would like to monitor a task from a crontab or a console. You just have to wrap them in RorVsWild.measure as follow:


# or
RorVsWild.measure("A great job name") { User.all.do_something_great }

A User.all.do_something_great and A great job name will be listed in the jobs tab. However, if it’s already inside a job or a request, it will appear as a section inside of it.

Ignoring controllers and actions

Sometimes, you just don’t want to know. You can either exclude jobs with their name or with a regex to exclude many at once:

# config/rorvswild.yml
  api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
      - SecretJob
      - !ruby/regexp /Secret/ # Skip all jobs containing Secret

Sampling jobs (version >= 1.7.0)

If your application handles a lot of background jobs, you can sample them to lower your monitoring bill.

  # config/rorvswild.yml
    api_key: API_KEY
    job_sampling_rate: 0.5 # 50% of jobs are sent
    request_sampling_rate: 0.25 # 25% of requests are sent

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