Hot off the Sitepress

We have a blog, now what?

We knew for a long time we had to write more and talk about what we do or like. We read a lot of great pieces, so nicely written, it feels intimidating to write. We feel like it is something we cannot do well. When we try, it is painful. It requires a lot of effort. We are slow. The result is often underwhelming. Our poor English certainly does not help.

We tend to postpone it and find lighter things to do, like building websites and features we’re the only ones to know about. We know we have to change that. The more we’ll try, the easier it will get, right?

To prove this point, we needed to build a few things: this blog (RSS), a changelog (RSS), or proper documentation (coming soon).


We started developing it ourselves. We wanted to write in Markdown and directly into the Git repository. It turned out that what we were trying to achieve was very similar to what Sitepress already does. So why not try it? We only had to move and rename a few folders to switch to it. Sitepress makes adding content to a Rails application almost too easy.

Now we only have to write.

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