Black Friday Every Day

Crazy discount Rails monitoring

Lucian nicely asked us if we were planning to offer a deal for Black Friday so he could add us to its special edition Short Ruby newsletter. By the way, we recommend you subscribe if you have not.

The short answer is: No, we will not do a discount.

We are already by far the most affordable monitoring solution. It is already like we do Black Fridays every day. With all the money you save using RoRvsWild vs any other, you could get all the Swiss chocolate you can eat. Or a Rolex watch if you are more into that. You could also sponsor some open-source projects or donate to a good cause. Or you could keep that money and increase your chances of success. It’s up to you.

More generally, we have mixed feelings about Black Friday. It encourages you to overconsume and buy things you do not need. With the current challenges the world faces, it is somehow dystopian.

Digital products do not have all the same issues, and Black Fridays can be a good marketing trick and generate record sales. Still, we believe it devalues a product when you do sales like this. It gives a bad taste in the mouths of current customers who didn’t get it. And people will only want to wait for the discounted price.

We prefer to offer a fair price every day.

RorVsWild monitors your Ruby on Rails applications.

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